The HUB Directorship is a team of eight student leaders.

  • Director of Community Collaborations

  • Director of Financial Appropriations

  • Director of Leadership

  • Director of Marketing

  • Director of Recognition

  • Director of Residential Advocacy

  • Director of Diversity and Inclusivity

  • RA Liaison

  • Executive Director

Director of Community Collaborations

The Director of Community Collaborations exists to provide opportunities for SMU on campus communities to interact and engage together.

  • Oversee the Commons Cup operations (specific stipulations for the Commons Cup would be outlined in the bylaws)

  • Work with the Director of Marketing to publish a bi-weekly commons newsletter. Shall be directly responsible for creating content for the newsletter including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Residential Community Highlights

    • OTM results (in conjunction with the Director of Recognition)

    • Commons Cup Updates

    • Campus Opportunities

    • HUB Updates and Opportunities

  • Provide important information to residential communities regarding SMU campus traditions including, but not limited to:

    • Celebration of Lights

    • Family Weekend

    • Homecoming

    • Relay for Life

    • Sing Song

  • Coordinate residential community competition

Director of Financial Appropriations

The Director of Financial Appropriations exists to oversee funding opportunities intended to support and enhance SMU residential communities.

  • Coordinate Hall Improvement Fund (HIF) and Community Development Funding (CDF) Process (specific proposal stipulations would be outlined in the HUB bylaws)

    • Hold two funding proposal trainings for residential communities at the beginning of each semester

    • Distribute reminders to the Presidents and RCDs of each residential community a week prior to each deadline

    • Send out proposal results to the President and RCD of each committee

    • Publish and disburse HIF & CDF spending updates to residential communities

  • Oversee the Housing Funding Board consisting of the Chiefs of Staff for each residential community and coordinating position from Upper-division housing communities

    • Hold weekly meetings with the Housing Funding Board to review funding proposals from communities

  • Promote additional funding resources and opportunities to residential communities, including but not limited to SMU Moms’ & Dads’ Club, President’s Partners Grants, and Mustangs Give Back.

  • Take written minutes at each HUB Directorship Meeting

Director of Leadership

The Director of Leadership exists to provide opportunities that take students living on campus to regional and national leadership conferences to gain new ideas and networking with similar student leaders.

  • Organize conference delegations to attend the Southwest Affiliate of College & University Residence Halls (SWACURH) and National Association of College University Residence Hall (NACURH) annual conferences

    • Coordinate delegation selection for the three conferences and lead weekly delegation meetings

      • Work with HUB Advisors to set delegation selection timelines

      • Visit each community to promote the conference opportunity and resource available

      • Create promotional materials to advertise the conference experience

      • Promote program presentation proposals with the delegates

      • Create and uphold delegate expectations (outlined in bylaws)

    • Work with the HUB Advisors to complete conference logistics including, but not limited to, registration, vehicle reservation, budgeting, and liability forms.

    • Work with the Director of Recognition to coordinate nominations for SWACURH and NACURH Award nominations.

    • Serve as the campus representative for SMU to SWACURH and NACURH, otherwise known at the National Communications Coordinator (NCC)

      • Attend online/virtual chats with the region as scheduled by the region

      • Relay pertinent information and opportunities to the HUB Directorship

  • Organize and host a conference programming event

    • At the beginning of each semester in early September and late January, the Director of Leadership shall coordinate conference style presentations where delegates from SWACURH and NACURH will present a program or initiative that they obtained from the conference. All residential community leaders will be invited to the event.

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing exists to create marketing and advertising for all HUB initiatives.

  • Create all marketing and advertising for all HUB activities and initiatives

  • Create promotional materials that highlight and advertise the experience of living on campus

  • Responsible for overseeing all HUB social media accounts and HUB websites

  • Work with the Director of Community Collaborations to publish a bi-weekly newsletter and be directly responsible for designing and formatting said newsletter

  • Work with the HUB Advisors to establish appropriate standards for use of social media accounts

  • Work with each HUB Director to advertise their initiatives and events and establish marketing timeline in consulation with the HUB Directorship, their immediate successor, and HUB Advisory Board at the close of each school year for the coming year

Director of Recognition

The Director of Recognition exists to promote the accomplishments and contributions to the on campus living experience.

  • Oversee and run the Of The Month (OTM) recognition program.

    • Hold two OTM trainings for residential communities at the beginning of each semester

    • Distribute reminders to the Presidents and RCDs of each residential community a seven days prior to the 5th of each month

    • Publish and disburse OTM results to residential communities by the 13th of each month

  • Coordinate student nominations for additional recognition opportunities, including, but not limited to:

    • SWACURH and NACURH awards in collaboration with the Director of Leadership

    • SWACUHO Student Leader awards (in consultation with the HUB Advisors)

    • SMU Hilltop Excellence Awards

  • Coordinate End of the Year Banquet for residential community leaders including council executives and general council memberships

    • Oversee award selection committee

  • Coordinate membership nomination and selection into the SMU Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

  • Represent SMU in the NRHH Boardroom at SWACURH and NACURH annual conferences

Director of Residential Advocacy

The Director of Residential Advocacy exists to provide a voice for students living on campus at SMU.

  • Meet with each commons council and community council at least twice a semester to collect concerns and feedback related to, but not limited to, the following items:

    • Opening operations

    • Facilities issues

    • Housekeeping concerns

    • Housing room selection

  • Shall coordinate in consultation with the HUB Advisors general residential experience surveys and provide said results to the President, RCD, and FIR (where applicable) of each community.

  • Meet with the Dean of Residence Life & Student Housing, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs on a monthly basis to report on concerns collected from on campus residents

  • Liaise with the SMU Student Body President to relay and ask for support for any pertinent concerns and issues.

Director of diversity and inclusivity

The Director of Inclusivity exists to help all residents feel welcome, safe, and valued in

their residential communities.

  • Meet with each commons council and community council at least twice a semester to collect concerns and feedback related to, but not limited to, the following items:

    • Diversity and inclusion in the residential communities

    • Retention of vulnerable students

    • Discrimination on campus

    • Student experience of marginalized identities

    • The marginalized identities shall include, but are not limited to, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender, ability, religion/spirituality, nationality, and socioeconomic identities

    • Liaise with the Office of Social Change and Intercultural Engagement, Women & LGBT Center, and other organizations across campus to connect residents with inclusivity-centered resources

  • Host an organization fair at the beginning of each semester to expose residents to multicultural and inclusive organizations on campus

  • Work with the Director of Community Collaborations to establish and oversee a new

  • Commons Cup event related to inclusion in the Civic Engagement category

    • Advise the HUB Directorship throughout the year by:

    • Promoting inclusivity in the execution of each Director’s duty

    • Working with the HUB advisors to discuss inclusivity during the HUB

  • Directorship training

RA Liaison

The RA Liaison exists to be the voice for the Resident Assistant experience at SMU.

  • Serve as the voice of RAs to the HUB Directorship

  • Hold town hall meetings specifically for RAs to gather feedback about the RA experience at least twice a semester

  • Partner with the Director of Recognition to coordinate RA appreciation once a semester

  • Serve on a RLSH departmental committee such as Student Staff Training or Student Staff Recruitment

Executive Director

The Executive Director exists to provide direction and accountability for the HUB Directorship.

  • Shall lead weekly HUB Directorship meetings and develop agendas in consultation with the HUB Advisor(s)

  • Shall be in charge of overseeing goal setting and strategic planning for the organization

  • Shall serve as the HUB representative for campus committees as needed or requested

  • Keep accurate records of HUB operations

  • Coordinate monthly position updates and report forms to be included in Directorship transition reports

  • Maintain online communications through social media and general HUB website

  • Coordinate assessments of initiatives and objectives for HUB

  • Compile and present a report for the RLSH departmental leadership once a semester

  • Represent SMU in the Presidents Boardroom at SWACURH annual regional conferences

  • Shall serve on the RLSH Opening Action Team (or other name) committee

  • Liaise with the Faculty in Residence Convener to share feedback and ideas